The Angry Raccoon

Thomas Moran - Woodland Interior With Rocky Stream

Many years ago now I encountered a group of raccoons in the forest. At first when they came running towards me I thought maybe I was in a bit of danger. When they got closer I realized they were young ones just looking for someone to comfort them. It's always been one of my most memorable animal encounters. I haven't had any bad thoughts about that until this recent dream I'm about to tell you.

I dreamed I was walking along a forest road. On the left was a steep hill. And on the right was a much easier downward slope that lead to a river that paralleled the road. It all looked rather nice to a nature lover like me.

As I looked into the forest to the right I noticed a lone raccoon pacing me. It kept looking my way and acted as if it was following me for some reason.

I remembered that I had my camera with me. I should since I always carry it when I'm in the forest. So as soon as the raccoon moved into a bit of a clearing I decided to get some pictures.

When I raised my camera toward the raccoon it began to quickly move towards me. This one didn't seem like the friendly little youngling like the others I told you about. This raccoon seemed angry. Angry that I was taking it's picture.

Very quickly I realized I better not stay there. I needed to quickly get away from this raccoon because he definitely intended no good for me. So I ran down the road as fast as I could. The raccoon was right on my tail.

Then one time I looked back and saw dozens of raccoons running in my direction beside the river. Some were even swimming. I had to get away from them. I was afraid but not overly so. I did know that the raccoons would attack me if they caught up to me.

That's the last thing I remember about it. Hey, that's the way dreams work sometimes. I don't know why I had this dream. The raccoon memory was always a positive one. Why my mind would twist that into something negative is a mystery to me. Dreams are not always logical to our waking minds.


  1. It's kind of interesting how your mind can take an event of the past and twist it around like that. Creepy dream! Glad it wasn't real.

    1. It makes me wonder what kind of strange things my mind really thinks about the things I experience.


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