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Little League Baseball

I dreamed I was playing little league baseball, but it was for adults.Yeah, I know it sounds strange, but that's the way the dream was. I'm not sure dreams are supposed to make sense most of the time.

I remember being frustrated because they only let be bat twice the whole season. I wanted the chance to contribute and show them how good I was, but they never let me. I've always been a pretty good baseball player, and I remembered that fact in the dream.

When I was really in little league when I was a kid they used to give all the kids trophies for participating at the end of the year. We had that in my dream, but it was a little bit different.

I remember sitting there watching while they gave trophies to other players, but not to me. They just ignored me. I remember one player in particular. I knew I was a much better baseball player than him. The difference was that they let him play. They never really even gave me a chance.

I remember that I felt hurt and angry about the…

The Visitor And My Dog

I remember sitting there in the upstairs part of my house. The room was a little dark. Things often seem kind of dim in dreams like this for some reason. I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but when I looked up my sister was standing in the doorway.

Upon seeing her I realized this couldn't be real. I hadn't seen my sister in awhile and I knew she didn't live close enough to me to just show up unannounced. So I questioned her to make sure it was really her and not an imposter. You really don't know how much that kind of thing happens in my dreams. Evil tricksters try lots of strange things.

Now you may have thought I was going to say that it turned out to not be her, but after some questioning I determined that this really was my sister. That was kind of a relief. I hadn't talked to her in a while so we decided to go downstairs and visit for a little bit. On the way I had a little trick I learned.

I sat on my dog's back and rode her through the next r…