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Waking Up At Work

I remember waking up and listening to the noisy sounds of work around me. I could hear loud machines and the sounds of people. It wasn't unusual. I was used to it.

When I opened my eyes and looked around me I saw a high ceiling. my bed was in the back corner of the shop. Yes, I said shop.

When I looked around I saw a big room with lots of huge machines with people operating them. There was a maze of metal bars and other material stacked up all over waiting to be worked with. This is what life was like. This was my only home.

I looked down beside my bed and saw my dog lying there on the floor sleeping as close as she could get. Just where she should be. She's a good dog.

As I started to wake up a little more I began to realize that something wasn't right. I wasn't supposed to be here. I wasn't supposed to be living in a place of work. Nobody was.

I began to suspect that this was really just an unpleasant dream, even though it was so very real. So I turned to the wa…