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Throwing Rocks At My Boss

Here's something I do.

In my latest dream I went to one of my former places of work and threw rocks at my boss.

I did it on purpose. I planned it that way when I got there, and I knew I was dreaming.

Let me explain the whole thing.

In my dream last night I found myself at my former place of work. I immediately knew I was dreaming. I do this quite often. I'm kind of a dreaming expert. I can do lots of strange things in my dreams because I know when I'm dreaming.

The first thing I thought was that I should do some obnoxious things there that I wouldn't normally do in the waking world. I decided to wander around my workplace for a few minutes to decide just what to do. That's when I saw my boss coming.

I want to say that I didn't really like this boss, but I didn't really hate him either. There was a reason I left there though, and it involved his bad behavior. But I wouldn't do him any physical harm in real life. I don't think he deserved anything lik…

Beautiful Nature

I dreamed I found a new nature park. If you know me in the blog world then you know nature is my number one passion. Go over to my other blog The Everyday Adventurer and check it out if you like nature too.

I was driving through the park admiring all the trees there. The more trees there are the better I like it. And there were so many twisty roads to explore. I hadn't yet gotten to the hiking trails, but I knew they'd be glorious. Everything was so beautiful.

I saw deer watching me from alongside the road. I remember thinking how much I was loving seeing the animals. Then as I traveled along the road I began to see a beach along the left side. The road ran atop a small cliff overlooking the beach and the water. Then I saw more animals in the water below.

I looked down at the water and I saw a great blue heron standing there in the shallow part. I looked again and realized the heron wasn't actually in the shallow part, but it was actually standing on the back of a hippopot…