Throwing Rocks At My Boss

Here's something I do.

In my latest dream I went to one of my former places of work and threw rocks at my boss.

I did it on purpose. I planned it that way when I got there, and I knew I was dreaming.

Let me explain the whole thing.

In my dream last night I found myself at my former place of work. I immediately knew I was dreaming. I do this quite often. I'm kind of a dreaming expert. I can do lots of strange things in my dreams because I know when I'm dreaming.

The first thing I thought was that I should do some obnoxious things there that I wouldn't normally do in the waking world. I decided to wander around my workplace for a few minutes to decide just what to do. That's when I saw my boss coming.

I want to say that I didn't really like this boss, but I didn't really hate him either. There was a reason I left there though, and it involved his bad behavior. But I wouldn't do him any physical harm in real life. I don't think he deserved anything like that. Dreams are another matter altogether though.

When I saw my boss coming I decided to have a little fun. I quickly ran outside and grabbed a nice handful of big rocks. I came back inside and found him again next to one of the big machines. He didn't notice me at all, but that was about to change.

I threw the first rock, missing his head by a few inches on purpose. He immediately looked in my direction with an angry look on his face. I bounced the next one off of his forehead. The next few also hit their target just as I intended.

Let me explain right now that this was nothing more than cartoon style violence. Being able to manipulate my dreams in every way you can think of, I could have made it quite gruesome if I had wanted. That would have been kind of sickening so I always stick to the goofy stuff.

I did this not just to injure my boss, but to have a little bit of evil fun without actually hurting another person. It was just a way of blowing off steam for past grievances and to make some things from my past subconsciously look a little like jokes to me. It kind of lightens up negative memories just a bit.

You can do something like this too if you are ever able to manipulate your dreams like I do. You don't have to throw rocks. You can dress someone up in a clown suit if you'd prefer. Just keep it kind of light and funny so you don't feel bad when you wake up. Dreams can really affect your mood for quite some time after you wake up.


  1. Interesting. I didn't know you could actually manipulate your dreams. I always thought dreams were random.

    1. I can manipulate my dreams very well. I can even teach others how to do it, which I've done for a few people. Maybe one of these times I'll give an example of how to start on here.


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