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Snake Attack

I was staying at a family member's house. I was in a dark bedroom that looked an awful lot like my own. The main thing different is that instead of my bedside table there was a table with a tank with an animal in it. The animal, of course, was a snake.

I must say that I'm not fond of snakes. I probably fear them a little. But when I've had to deal with them I've been just fine.

Anyway, as I looked closer at the tank, I saw that the snake was looking back at me. I didn't like the way it was looking at me. Not because it was a snake, but because it seemed to be examining me a little too closely. The dream faded.

The next time I looked at the tank there were two creatures in there. The snake had been joined by a big lizard of some sort. They were both looking at me strangely. Then each creature nodded its head at me.

The lizard then stood on its hind legs while the snake slithered up the length of the lizard towards the top of the tank. Were they trying to get out? I…