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My Sister's Car Calamity

My brothers, my sister, and I were sitting in my living room when a guy dropped off some things my brother just bought. My brother is sort of a wheeler dealer. He's constantly buying, selling, and trading for various items, some large and some small. This time it was a couple of new cars.

The guy that dropped the cars off stupidly parked his car in the driveway before he pulled the others in so he needed someone to move the two new cars out so he could leave. My sister immediately volunteered, so my brother handed her the remote controls for both.

Yes, you heard that right; I said remote controls. These particular cars had remote controls and could be driven from right inside the house. That's why my sister wanted to move them.

We all sat there at the front window watching while my sister began to back up the first car. She really tried to back the car up straightly but you already knew something was going to go wrong. The car made a right turn right into and through the next-…

I Woke Up In My Truck Last Night

Last night I woke up in the back seat of my truck with my legs hanging out the open door. The first thing I thought was, "What the hell am I doing out here?" Then I groggily looked down and realized I only had one boot on. I really felt out of it. I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

It sounds like maybe the circumstances of a person who maybe had too many drinks the night before. The only problem with that is I've never been a drinker and I have only even tasted alcohol a few times in my life. So how did I end up out here in my truck? I couldn't remember at all.

I realized the first thing I needed to do was get in the house. My dog was probably missing me. When I got out of the truck I saw that it was parked a little way down the street from the house. So when I walked to the house I noticed the blinds open downstairs and it looked kind of empty and dark inside. I then remembered that yesterday I moved all my stuff to the upstairs apartment for some reason. I c…