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Automatic Writing

I wasn't going to write this dream down at first because it kind of disturbed me. But then I remembered that this is the exact kind of dream that I'm supposed to write about. It was also kind of a difficult decision because my dreams have been a bit murky lately so they're too hard to remember. That makes it kind of hard too, but let's try with this one anyway. So here it is.

I remember sitting in a house I had just moved into. It was kind of dark and shadowy in the house so I knew this wasn't going to be a positive experience. I was reading a self improvement book, which I often do. I like looking for techniques to make myself a better me. But this particular book was getting a little strange.

The book was suggesting that I try a thing called automatic writing, which is a technique where a person uses alleged psychic ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing. You hold a pen or pencil to paper while not paying conscious attenti…

A Strange Woman

A few nights ago I woke up and immediately knew I was still asleep and dreaming. How did I know? The room was different than any room I'd ever seen in the real world. I still recognized it as my own bedroom, but I really had never seen it before. And there was something else there too.

Standing against the wall staring at me in the dark was a Chinese woman. How do I know she was Chinese? I just knew. I guess that part doesn't matter, but it was a detail that I strongly noticed. So it did matter quite a bit. I had the strong feeling that this had happened before, but I didn't remember it at all.

I have no idea why I would dream about a Chinese woman, but there she was. I don't know many Chinese women, and I hadn't seen any on television lately. I do have a neighbor who is Chinese, but I hadn't thought about them in quite some time. So I guess that made the dream kind of strange. But wait, there's more strangeness yet to come.

You see, this woman was only abo…

Doggy Doppelganger

I woke up and saw my dog sitting on my bed looking at me. I immediately knew something wasn't quite right. For one thing, when I went to sleep my dog wasn't in the room and the door was shut. When I thought about all of this I realized I was actually still asleep and in the middle of another strange dream of a kind I've had a few times before.

Since I knew the dog wasn't really there with me I asked this one if it was really my dog. As soon as the words were out of my mouth this doppelganger began to growl at me. I knew from experience that the growl was the indicator that meant this dog was false. This creature was only pretending to be my dog. So I smacked it in the face and told it to go away. Off it went.

Then came another lookalike dog. I told it that I knew it was an imposter and it should leave. This one also began to growl so I hit it on the head and it left me.

After that a third one appeared to me. I asked this one if it was my real dog or a fake. It just sat…

Was It Really A Dream?

Here's a short dream of a kind that I get way too often. I'm sometimes not even sure if these things are real dreams or something even more strange. Read on to find out why.

I was lying there peacefully sleeping when I felt somebody messing with my blankets. It was down around where my feet were. I was still mostly asleep so all I could do was mumble to whoever it was to leave me alone. That didn't work at all, and I continued to feel my blankets being messed with.

I was able to rouse myself slightly more, which was not much. Even though I was still mostly asleep, I was able to lift my head enough to see down at the foot of the bed. Everything looked blurry and dreamy because I just wasn't awake enough to function any more than that.

The significant thing I saw when I looked down there was that my blanket was being lifted about two feet off the bed by an invisible hand. It really looked like my blanket was being lifted in one spot right above my feet.

The strange thing…

How About Those Secret Agents

I was a little afraid to write this one down because I'm paranoid that the government is going to come and get me. Is it really just paranoia or will the big bad gubment really come to get a clueless jerk like me for writing down my goofy dream about them? We'll soon see!

Okay, let's get this one going, shall we? Strap yourselves in.

I dreamed I was a cop. Not the best cop or anything like that. Just a normal everyday cop, which is kind of disappointing because I like to be the best at whatever I do. Anyway, a group of us had been assigned to visit the CIA headquarters in a nearby city for a meeting about something that I never quite figured out from the dream.

We were in a group of five. There were four of us regular cops and our commander. I don't know why this would be significant, but I remember that the commander was a woman and the rest of us were men. The things you remember from a dream, huh?

So, we drove up to the guard shack at CIA headquarters to check in. T…

Slapped In The Face

I bet this never happened to you. I couldn't remember this one for a couple of days. It would have been a very bad shame if I couldn't share it. Make sure you read to the end for the strange twist this dream takes. Really, please tell me if anything like this has ever happened to you.

Most of it looked like my typical strange dream, which is to say that this dream was indeed a weird one. It started out normal enough though. I dreamed I was watching a small group of professional wrestlers at an autograph signing. I've never seen that in real life, but I've seen a few rock stars do this.

The wrestlers were doing all of those autograph signing things. They were sitting at a table as fans were lined up as far as the eye could see. The lines would move forward as each fan would get to the front of the line and get the wrestlers to sign something and maybe have a brief conversation. Eventually it was time for the wrestlers to leave, so they said their goodbyes, packed up and…

Nazi Propaganda Food

I had this perfect dream. No, just kidding. I'm not sure the perfect dream exists, at least not for me. It's because I just have too many dreams like this one I'm going to tell you about.

First of all, I have to tell you that most of this dream was really a kind of misty chaos that I can't make sense of or really even remember much about. That's what most of my dreams are like, so I don't usually get an opportunity to share them here. But this one had a little bit that was very memorable, so I can share that part with you.

So after a while of drifting through that strange dream mist I began to slowly experience real thoughts and visions. I saw food. And I saw my brother. My brother told me about an idea he had. I thought it was something that I really should do.

I was going to sell this food. It wasn't just any ordinary everyday food. This was special food. It was... get ready for it... Nazi Propaganda Food.

So what exactly is Nazi propaganda food? I have t…

Going Flying

I remember looking out my upstairs window and seeing all of the activity in my busy suburban neighborhood. There were lots of children playing and even a yard sale down the street. As I was looking around at all of the activity I remembered that I didn't live in a place like this at all. I live out in the country. There is no busy neighborhood, no large groups of children, and no yard sales.

I knew then that I was dreaming, so I decided to have a little fun. There's really no limit to the things you can do in a dream if you are able to think consciously enough. I can do this very well after a lifetime of very strange, and often very bad dreams. Thinking clearly in dreams kind of became a necessity for me, so I'm not exactly bragging. But let's get on with what happened.

Since everything outside looked so festive, I decided to have more than a little fun myself. I created a carnival ride for myself. I got in one of the pods that rode around and around and up and down, a…

Little League Baseball

I dreamed I was playing little league baseball, but it was for adults.Yeah, I know it sounds strange, but that's the way the dream was. I'm not sure dreams are supposed to make sense most of the time.

I remember being frustrated because they only let be bat twice the whole season. I wanted the chance to contribute and show them how good I was, but they never let me. I've always been a pretty good baseball player, and I remembered that fact in the dream.

When I was really in little league when I was a kid they used to give all the kids trophies for participating at the end of the year. We had that in my dream, but it was a little bit different.

I remember sitting there watching while they gave trophies to other players, but not to me. They just ignored me. I remember one player in particular. I knew I was a much better baseball player than him. The difference was that they let him play. They never really even gave me a chance.

I remember that I felt hurt and angry about the…

The Visitor And My Dog

I remember sitting there in the upstairs part of my house. The room was a little dark. Things often seem kind of dim in dreams like this for some reason. I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but when I looked up my sister was standing in the doorway.

Upon seeing her I realized this couldn't be real. I hadn't seen my sister in awhile and I knew she didn't live close enough to me to just show up unannounced. So I questioned her to make sure it was really her and not an imposter. You really don't know how much that kind of thing happens in my dreams. Evil tricksters try lots of strange things.

Now you may have thought I was going to say that it turned out to not be her, but after some questioning I determined that this really was my sister. That was kind of a relief. I hadn't talked to her in a while so we decided to go downstairs and visit for a little bit. On the way I had a little trick I learned.

I sat on my dog's back and rode her through the next r…

The Little Orphan Girl

I dreamed I was a young girl. That's kind of weird but I've done it before. I was an orphan who was living in a place that wasn't exactly a jail, but it was a home where girls were sent who did something wrong.

I remember being upset because I didn't think I had done anything wrong. I guess it didn't matter much to me where I was living though because the other places didn't seem much better. I was just unhappy because I thought they were wrong about me.

The place was big but they told me there were so many girls there that we all had to sleep two to a bed. I wasn't sure how much I liked that idea, but I had had to do that before so it was nothing new. I wasn't prepared for what was going to happen though.

My bedmate only showed up right at bedtime. She was a few years older than me and much bigger. We both were lying there, and I thought trying to get some sleep.

Suddenly the bigger girl grabbed one of my hands and began trying to bite my fingers! I wa…


This dream was very disturbing for me. I'm going to try to tell it to you in as much detail as I can, but there a few adult situations that I'll leave to your imagination. Even so, this dream might disturb some of you, so I suggest you proceed with caution. I wasn't raised to be a religious person, but you might interpret some of this in a religious way. I will say to you though, and I keep having to tell it to myself, it's just a dream.

It all started in a small farmhouse. I was only an invisible observer throughout the dream. I saw a middle aged farmer with his wife and teenage daughter. It wasn't the homey scene you might expect. Even though I do dream in color at times, this part of the dream was in black and white and played like an old movie.

The farmer was not a good person at all. He would routinely beat his wife and daughter, and the other thing he did to his daughter was much worse. I'll leave out the graphic details to try to keep things halfway poli…

I Woke Up In My Bathtub

I woke up in my bathtub last night. There was about four inches of not quite warm water in it at the time. I was lying on my stomach when I woke up, so I kind of wondered why my face didn't end up in the water. The thought immediately came to me that I could have drowned in that four inches of water.

I quickly turned over onto my back. You would think that lying on my stomach in the bathtub would be uncomfortable, but it really wasn't at all. That thought hadn't even occurred to me until I was on my back. I guess it was because the bathtub is so big. It's one of those old style bathtubs with the feet on the bottom. This one's bigger than most.

I was still very groggy, but I decided to look at the room. The light in the room was kind of dim for some reason. It made the walls look kind of dingy. The door was closed, as you might expect. The room was as I thought it would look. I know that room well. I remember thinking that the water wasn't exactly cold, but it w…

My Moving Bed

I haven't been having dreams that I can remember lately, but I have a piece of one that I want to tell you about. This came from a huge dream I had last night, but I can only remember this one part. I remember my bigger dream was in a negative part. I say negative because I can't really have bad dreams or nightmares anymore. I've learned too well how to turn them good.

I remember thinking something was wrong. I was lying there in my bed, in my own room, and the bed was gently swaying back and forth like a porch swing. I knew that wasn't normal so I wondered about it maybe being caused by some negative outside influence.

I couldn't detect anything or anyone that was bad. You really have to check these things in a dream sometimes. Well, I do.

That's when I decided to fix this dream. The swaying bed wasn't exactly bothering me. When I got to thinking about it it was kind of good. So I decided to increase the swaying just a bit. I've done this before when …