Going Flying

I remember looking out my upstairs window and seeing all of the activity in my busy suburban neighborhood. There were lots of children playing and even a yard sale down the street. As I was looking around at all of the activity I remembered that I didn't live in a place like this at all. I live out in the country. There is no busy neighborhood, no large groups of children, and no yard sales.

I knew then that I was dreaming, so I decided to have a little fun. There's really no limit to the things you can do in a dream if you are able to think consciously enough. I can do this very well after a lifetime of very strange, and often very bad dreams. Thinking clearly in dreams kind of became a necessity for me, so I'm not exactly bragging. But let's get on with what happened.

Since everything outside looked so festive, I decided to have more than a little fun myself. I created a carnival ride for myself. I got in one of the pods that rode around and around and up and down, and I did so. I didn't invite any of the other people of course, because they were just dream people. Dream people don't need anything. They're just props that your mind creates for a particular dream.

So after several minutes of going around and around and up and down I began to get bored. There's really only so much of that you can do before it becomes kind of repetitive. I obviously wasn't going to wake up anytime soon so I decided to make a few changes. You can do that in a dream if you really think about it. You can do anything you want.

And what did I do? I decided to separate the little pod I was riding in from the rest of the ride, while the ride was still moving. As you might have expected, the pod went flying off to one side, but it didn't crash down or anything. I decided to take it flying. I could now pretty much go anywhere I wanted.

I flew up over the rooftops and explored the neighborhood. It was a fun experience that you obviously can't do while you're awake. But wait, there's more!

I soon decided that the little pod ride was kind of constricting and not quite as good as I could do. So I jumped out one of the windows of the pod and went flying without needing a ride or contraption. I was flying free all by myself just like a bird. I've done it many times before. There's nothing else like it at all.

I soon began experiencing a few small problems you have while dream flying. In a dream if you really think about it you soon realize that a person doesn't have the ability to fly, so you find yourself sinking back down to earth. I'm a very experienced dream flyer, so I knew exactly what to do about that.

I looked up at the sky and concentrated on rising up into the air again. And instantly I began to go up again. I decided to fly forward and soon saw some power lines that I rose above and flew over just because I knew I could. Then I decided to go higher than all of the trees. And then twice that high.

The view from up there is really magnificent. I know what it looks like because I was up there flying around. These flying dreams can sometimes be so vivid that, like this one, I remember some of them as if I were awake at the time.

A flying dream when you really have good control is one of the best dreams you can have. I didn't want to wake up from this one anytime soon, but I began to feel those indications that the dream was ending. Everything began to fade and I began to sense my body regaining real consciousness. What a shame it couldn't have gone longer, but it was fun while it lasted. I wish everyone could experience dreams like this one sometimes.


  1. You are an experienced dream-flyer. :) I like that. I'm not. I probably couldn't even get an inch off the ground. ;)

    1. Flying is kind of hard until you do it a few times. Just remember to always look up.

  2. So, welcome to the dreamers group.
    Flying high is one of the great achievement.
    So is talking to mushrooms.

  3. So, welcome to the dreamers group.
    Flying high is one of the great achievement.
    So is talking to mushrooms.


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