Nazi Propaganda Food

I had this perfect dream. No, just kidding. I'm not sure the perfect dream exists, at least not for me. It's because I just have too many dreams like this one I'm going to tell you about.

First of all, I have to tell you that most of this dream was really a kind of misty chaos that I can't make sense of or really even remember much about. That's what most of my dreams are like, so I don't usually get an opportunity to share them here. But this one had a little bit that was very memorable, so I can share that part with you.

So after a while of drifting through that strange dream mist I began to slowly experience real thoughts and visions. I saw food. And I saw my brother. My brother told me about an idea he had. I thought it was something that I really should do.

I was going to sell this food. It wasn't just any ordinary everyday food. This was special food. It was... get ready for it... Nazi Propaganda Food.

So what exactly is Nazi propaganda food? I have to tell you that I'm really not sure, except that the main ingredient is tater tots, lots of tater tots. I was deep frying the tater tots. I had some of them on one of those weird hot dog rollers I've seen in gas stations and convenience stores on TV. I've only ever seen those rollers on TV for some reason. And there were several other ways I was preparing them but I can't exactly remember them.

And I don't know what exactly these potato nuggets had to do with Nazis. I just knew that with this gimmick these things were going to sell like hotcakes, or I should say like Nazi Propaganda Food. These two concepts naturally just went together.

After I woke up I began to wonder... Did Nazis ever eat tater tots, or were they a more recent invention? Who outside of America eats them? I know tater tots is actually a brand name and some of you may call them something else. Do I have to explain what they are?

Tater tots are those little cylindrical, barrel shaped glob of minced potatoes that I think are originally deep fried at the factory, but we usually cook them in the oven. They're not that special, but I guess they're halfway edible, I guess. I hope that explains it enough for you.

If you who owns the tater tots brand decides to try to sue me for mentioning your wonderful product, you can't do it because I can't help what I dream. And besides, you can consider this a parody, which is perfectly fair game. So there.


  1. We dream a dream.
    We live a dream.
    I wonder whether we have a dream in us or we are in a dream.

    1. Maybe it's both. Maybe we are dreaming inside a dream.


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