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A Fight With A Squirrel

I was living in a house I used to live in when I was much younger. My brothers and sister were there. I needed to wash my laundry, but somebody else was already using the washing machine. I have no idea why that was in the dream, but I do kind of have to do laundry. Maybe it was a reminder.

I remember that we decided to give the house a good cleaning. From a small hole in the ceiling came a squirrel. It really was a squirrel, but it was also kind of like a rat. In real life that whole neighborhood was infested with rats. We had a terrible time keeping them out of the house. That's what it's like in lots of places in Detroit.

That squirrel was running all over the place, and we were trying to catch it to get it out of the house. I remember noticing the base of its tail was bald for some reason. I kept trying to shoo it out with the broom, but it wasn't working. Finally my sister grabbed it by the tail and flung it up against the wall.

My sister is the youngest, and she look…

I Really Hate Snake Dreams

It seems like most of the dreams I have of home are in a house that I've never been to in the waking world, but I always recognize them as my own in the dream. That's the case with this one.

I was sitting in my comfortable chair watching TV while my brother was at the computer in the other room. I could see him from where I was sitting because he was actually very close to me, and the entrance way to the other room was much bigger than a normal doorway.

My brother mentioned that he was shopping online for a new video card for his computer. He told me he just then found the one he wanted. Just as he was about to hit the buy button he mentioned which card it was. It was the same exact one that I was upgrading from on my computer, so I quickly shouted for him to stop. He did just in time. Now he didn't have to buy one. I could just give him my old one.

So that's when he decided to switch to watching videos of snakes. Yes, I said snakes. He had a special interest in snakes…