I Really Hate Snake Dreams

It seems like most of the dreams I have of home are in a house that I've never been to in the waking world, but I always recognize them as my own in the dream. That's the case with this one.

I was sitting in my comfortable chair watching TV while my brother was at the computer in the other room. I could see him from where I was sitting because he was actually very close to me, and the entrance way to the other room was much bigger than a normal doorway.

My brother mentioned that he was shopping online for a new video card for his computer. He told me he just then found the one he wanted. Just as he was about to hit the buy button he mentioned which card it was. It was the same exact one that I was upgrading from on my computer, so I quickly shouted for him to stop. He did just in time. Now he didn't have to buy one. I could just give him my old one.

So that's when he decided to switch to watching videos of snakes. Yes, I said snakes. He had a special interest in snakes. As he was watching the videos, he decided to dump out his bag of snakes that he was going to feed to his bigger snake right on the living room floor in front of me. Did you hear that one? I just casually mentioned that there were now a bag full of snakes on the floor in front of me!

Now, I knew that none of these snakes were poisonous, but out of the many varieties of snakes, the two that hooded up like a couple of cobras were a little scary looking. Besides, the snakes were all acting a little angry from just being plopped down out of a bag!

My dog didn't like the look of the snakes at all, and quickly jumped up onto my lap. I was beginning to decide I agreed with the dog, so I lifted my feet up onto the chair.

The snakes began slithering around the room, and a few of them came right over to me. One of cobra looking snakes came over to the right of my chair and slithered up, and as I shied away from it a little, it bit me right on the back of my hand between my index finger and thumb.

It didn't really hurt as much as I thought it would, but it did sting a little bit. I figured that was because the snakes weren't poisonous. I looked down and there were more snakes coming for my feet. I tried to pull them up farther onto the chair, but the dog was blocking the way. I was beginning to think these snakes were kind of dangerous.

That's when I woke up.

My hand still stung a bit from the snakebite, so I checked it for holes, just in case. My hand still stings a little bit several hours later. That's weird. And I don't know why the dream involved my brother. He doesn't live with me. He's several states away. Maybe I was just thinking about him. The story made perfect sense while I was dreaming it. Now, not so much. One last thing I can say is that I do really hate snake dreams.


  1. That is really strange that your hand hurt after your snake dream. I wonder if something happened to you, and you just didn't know it. The snake dream was your mind's way of alerting you.

    1. I agree that it was kind of strange, but I've had dreams like that before, so I'm not surprised by much of anything.


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