A Fight With A Squirrel

I was living in a house I used to live in when I was much younger. My brothers and sister were there. I needed to wash my laundry, but somebody else was already using the washing machine. I have no idea why that was in the dream, but I do kind of have to do laundry. Maybe it was a reminder.

I remember that we decided to give the house a good cleaning. From a small hole in the ceiling came a squirrel. It really was a squirrel, but it was also kind of like a rat. In real life that whole neighborhood was infested with rats. We had a terrible time keeping them out of the house. That's what it's like in lots of places in Detroit.

That squirrel was running all over the place, and we were trying to catch it to get it out of the house. I remember noticing the base of its tail was bald for some reason. I kept trying to shoo it out with the broom, but it wasn't working. Finally my sister grabbed it by the tail and flung it up against the wall.

My sister is the youngest, and she looks up to the rest of us, but she has a strength that the rest of us don't quite have. She has always been able to do some things that the rest of us can't. She never really take charge. She just does the dirty work, and she's good at it.

That's all that really happened with my sister, but I just remember that part of the dream strongly and it made me think of these things about her. I remember thinking when it happened that only she would do a thing like that without thinking about it. If she had to think about it first she'd run.

Finally I did what I always do in the family. I took charge and put a stop to the whole fiasco. I didn't touch the squirrel. I scooped it up with a broom and a dustpan and I carried it out the front door. I walked it down the street so it was far enough away from the house and I let it go.

And that was the end of the dream.

This dream seemed like a small thing without a very good story, I guess. But it had lots of meaning for me. It reminded me that I have to wash my clothes. I keep forgetting. Then it put the thought of my sister in my mind. You should take the time to think about your family at least every once in awhile. There was a third point in that dream, but I really don't understand what it is right now.

Dreams have a strange way of telling us things. Nobody really understands their methods. Most of the time we don't really even know what they're telling us or why. This particular dream wasn't necessarily very strange for me, but I remember it strongly for some reason.

Update - An amusing coincidence happened right after I got through writing this blog post. The first thing I did was watch the new version of the movie Poltergeist. One of the first eventful things that happened was that a squirrel got loose in their house by coming down their chimney.


  1. Better check for squirrels in your house. Maybe there's one hiding in the attic.

  2. I've actually had a squirrel try to get into one of the bedroom windows. It likes to peep into the house from there.


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