The Little Orphan Girl

I dreamed I was a young girl. That's kind of weird but I've done it before. I was an orphan who was living in a place that wasn't exactly a jail, but it was a home where girls were sent who did something wrong.

I remember being upset because I didn't think I had done anything wrong. I guess it didn't matter much to me where I was living though because the other places didn't seem much better. I was just unhappy because I thought they were wrong about me.

The place was big but they told me there were so many girls there that we all had to sleep two to a bed. I wasn't sure how much I liked that idea, but I had had to do that before so it was nothing new. I wasn't prepared for what was going to happen though.

My bedmate only showed up right at bedtime. She was a few years older than me and much bigger. We both were lying there, and I thought trying to get some sleep.

Suddenly the bigger girl grabbed one of my hands and began trying to bite my fingers! I was trying to fight her off, but she was moving very fast and she was strong. I kept feeling her teeth at my fingertips. I can't tell you any more because it was while this was happening that I woke up.

I don't usually have dreams that are this negative. I also don't usually have dreams where I feel like I'm a totally different person. They both happen at times though. Even though this was of course just a dream, I felt like I was experiencing someone else's life. I don't actually believe there is a real little girl out there somewhere who this is happening to, but I don't like to even think someone might have a sad life like that.


  1. That is a kind of odd feeling about Alice.

    1. I'm glad the little girl isn't Alice. I wonder if my dreaming mind manufactured a name for her.


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