This dream was very disturbing for me. I'm going to try to tell it to you in as much detail as I can, but there a few adult situations that I'll leave to your imagination. Even so, this dream might disturb some of you, so I suggest you proceed with caution. I wasn't raised to be a religious person, but you might interpret some of this in a religious way. I will say to you though, and I keep having to tell it to myself, it's just a dream.

It all started in a small farmhouse. I was only an invisible observer throughout the dream. I saw a middle aged farmer with his wife and teenage daughter. It wasn't the homey scene you might expect. Even though I do dream in color at times, this part of the dream was in black and white and played like an old movie.

The farmer was not a good person at all. He would routinely beat his wife and daughter, and the other thing he did to his daughter was much worse. I'll leave out the graphic details to try to keep things halfway polite. Unfortunately I had to watch it all in my dream. The daughter ended up pregnant.

The scene shifted to a small hospital. The lights were very dim here and it was a dirty looking place. The people here all looked angry and cruel. It was everything a hospital should not be. They brought the daughter here to have her baby. I began to hear some very evil sounding music in the background. It persisted throughout this part of the dream.

I watched the farmer talking to some of the hospital staff. They had been waiting for this baby for a long time, longer than the girl was pregnant. It seems the farmer did it on purpose and the people at the hospital knew. The daughter knew none of this. She was an innocent victim.

When it was time for the baby to come they didn't brighten the lights in the room. They actually dimmed them. As I watched they drew a big pentagram on the middle of the floor and wheeled the girls bed on top of it. These people were some kind of disgusting devil worshipers!

The volume of the evil music increased. As the girl began to give birth her face started to change. It became ugly and cracked, similar to the look of the girl in The Exorcist. She was possessed by a demon. They strapped her to the bed. And as she flailed about, screaming and cussing, she had her baby.

This baby wasn't what you might be thinking. It was important, but it was really only a sign for something much more. I guess the baby's existence signaled that it was okay to proceed with a much bigger part of the plan.

From out of the far end of the dark hospital came a figure in a black, hooded robe. I couldn't see a face in the darkness of the hood. The sleeves were too long to see any hands sticking out. And the robe reached all the way down to the floor, so the feet were also not visible. The hooded figure walked through the halls of the hospital and through the front doors out into the night.

As the figure arrived in the middle of a large field it turned in a circle and actually shot fire out of its long sleeve as if it had a flamethrower. It blasted the fire onto the ground around it into the form of a huge pentagram, with the hooded figure standing in the center.

I began to rise above this as if I was floating. As I rose up I began to be able to see other locations in the world. There were thirteen of these figures all around the world with thirteen pentagrams. Then simultaneously each figure shot fire from its sleeves to two of the other nearest pentagrams. Now all the pentagrams in the world were connected to each other.

Then the fire began to spread out from the pentagrams. Soon the fire began to cover the whole surface of the Earth. From there the fire shot out to the other planets and even to the Sun. From there the fire traveled across the galaxy and out to the rest of the universe. All of existence was burning away.

The evil music raged on as the fire burnt everything to cinders. Then there was nothing left but the fire, and after awhile even the fire began to die down. I watched in agony as the last of the fire began to go out. There was nothing left of the universe. It was all gone. Even the music died away.


But then I saw something. There was a small spark. Not everything was gone. New music began to play as I observed this lone spark of hope in the universe. It was the most beautiful thing I had heard in the dream. I recognized the song. It was The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again'. I don't know why. Even though I mildly liked them, I wasn't a particular big fan of the band or the song up till now.

As the first guitar notes of the song played, a huge blast of white light came out of the spark. It shook the whole universe. Out of the blast of light came new galaxies spinning across the universe, with new stars, with new planets circling them. It was happening everywhere.

Where the Earth had once been, an all new Earth was being formed. I watched rain fall to become the oceans. I watched land rise up out of the oceans. I saw the land being methodically covered in green. I saw the animals come back. Then our familiar human civilization sprang up, just as it had been before, but all new now.

Our world was back! But it was all new and refreshed. Everything was okay once again. All things were back in their proper place, but the evil that caused the destruction was gone. The fear and loathing that I felt earlier in the dream were transformed into joy and happiness.

The song began to fade. I began to try to think of other positive sounding songs. I had to keep this feeling. I thought of several, but they are unimportant now. I was waking up as the songs faded out. Even though the dream had turned out well, I knew I needed to get out of this overwhelming experience.

I don't know why I have overwhelming dreams like this one, but I do every once in a while. Strange. This one was days ago but it's still lingering at the front of my thoughts. I'm finding myself drawn to that Who song.

I thought I'd turn this dream into a fiction story for my Rat Tales blog, but I just couldn't hold it in long enough to flesh it out for that. I had to tell someone. Maybe that will help it fade from my mind. I wish I knew what it all means.


  1. Wow. That is one extremely intense dream. I have no idea why you dreamed it. Have you been watching scary movies?

    1. I thought about the scary movie thing too. I love scary movies but I had not seen one in quite some time before this dream. I'm not sure if I've ever seen one even a little similar to this dream in my life. I couldn't think of anything else that might have caused a dream like this either. Everything about it was very strange.


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