I Woke Up In My Bathtub

I woke up in my bathtub last night. There was about four inches of not quite warm water in it at the time. I was lying on my stomach when I woke up, so I kind of wondered why my face didn't end up in the water. The thought immediately came to me that I could have drowned in that four inches of water.

I quickly turned over onto my back. You would think that lying on my stomach in the bathtub would be uncomfortable, but it really wasn't at all. That thought hadn't even occurred to me until I was on my back. I guess it was because the bathtub is so big. It's one of those old style bathtubs with the feet on the bottom. This one's bigger than most.

I was still very groggy, but I decided to look at the room. The light in the room was kind of dim for some reason. It made the walls look kind of dingy. The door was closed, as you might expect. The room was as I thought it would look. I know that room well. I remember thinking that the water wasn't exactly cold, but it wasn't quite warm either. It was a little uncomfortable. Just a little.

As I became a little less groggy I really began to wonder how I had gotten here and why I couldn't remember anything else.  I hadn't even noticed if I had any clothes on or not. What was happening?

And that's when I really woke up. This time I was back in my own real bed in my own real house. I knew that bathroom I'd been in, but only from dreams. And this time when I woke I checked to make sure I was dry this time. I was. A dream about waking up in a bathtub can be a bad thing for some people when they really wake up. Lucky for me it was just another example of my strange dreams.


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