My Moving Bed

I haven't been having dreams that I can remember lately, but I have a piece of one that I want to tell you about. This came from a huge dream I had last night, but I can only remember this one part. I remember my bigger dream was in a negative part. I say negative because I can't really have bad dreams or nightmares anymore. I've learned too well how to turn them good.

I remember thinking something was wrong. I was lying there in my bed, in my own room, and the bed was gently swaying back and forth like a porch swing. I knew that wasn't normal so I wondered about it maybe being caused by some negative outside influence.

I couldn't detect anything or anyone that was bad. You really have to check these things in a dream sometimes. Well, I do.

That's when I decided to fix this dream. The swaying bed wasn't exactly bothering me. When I got to thinking about it it was kind of good. So I decided to increase the swaying just a bit. I've done this before when I was in a hammock so I thought it would work just as well here.

It did work well, and I decided to go back to sleep, even though I was technically already asleep but awake inside a dream. So I closed my eyes and relaxed. Then I really woke up and everything was okay. That's how I like a dream to turn out.


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