The Visitor And My Dog

I remember sitting there in the upstairs part of my house. The room was a little dark. Things often seem kind of dim in dreams like this for some reason. I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but when I looked up my sister was standing in the doorway.

Upon seeing her I realized this couldn't be real. I hadn't seen my sister in awhile and I knew she didn't live close enough to me to just show up unannounced. So I questioned her to make sure it was really her and not an imposter. You really don't know how much that kind of thing happens in my dreams. Evil tricksters try lots of strange things.

Now you may have thought I was going to say that it turned out to not be her, but after some questioning I determined that this really was my sister. That was kind of a relief. I hadn't talked to her in a while so we decided to go downstairs and visit for a little bit. On the way I had a little trick I learned.

I sat on my dog's back and rode her through the next room to the stairs. In reality my dog is pretty good sized, but not nearly big enough to hold my weight. But there I was riding the dog like a horse. My sister looked amazed. I told her how I had been practicing this and the dog seemed to think it was just fine. That's when the dream ended.

If this dream doesn't qualify as strange then I don't know what does. Maybe it's just my subconscious telling me I miss my sister a little and I felt the need to show her how wonderful my dog is. Everybody's dog is wonderful, aren't they?  Dreams can sometimes give us a message, and sometimes they just make no sense at all.


  1. My dog is big enough to ride. He weighs more than me!

    Dreams are pretty strange. Maybe you should call your sister and tell her about it.

    1. When my sister's son was a toddler he used to try to ride my old dog. The dog would get so aggravated with him until he would slip her some food and try to ride again.

  2. I woke up sometimes in the midnight, asking myself what day is today.
    And this usually happened on Saturdays.
    It might be dream.
    We simply have too many days in one week.

    1. I do things like that too sometimes. I hate when that happens. A lot of the time I get the days wrong.


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