A Strange Woman

A few nights ago I woke up and immediately knew I was still asleep and dreaming. How did I know? The room was different than any room I'd ever seen in the real world. I still recognized it as my own bedroom, but I really had never seen it before. And there was something else there too.

Standing against the wall staring at me in the dark was a Chinese woman. How do I know she was Chinese? I just knew. I guess that part doesn't matter, but it was a detail that I strongly noticed. So it did matter quite a bit. I had the strong feeling that this had happened before, but I didn't remember it at all.

I have no idea why I would dream about a Chinese woman, but there she was. I don't know many Chinese women, and I hadn't seen any on television lately. I do have a neighbor who is Chinese, but I hadn't thought about them in quite some time. So I guess that made the dream kind of strange. But wait, there's more strangeness yet to come.

You see, this woman was only about three feet tall. She didn't look strange compared to a normal human except that she was small. She was otherwise a normal adult human. I feel like her clothing was an older style, but I can't really be sure because I don't exactly remember. She also looked kind of faded or washed out, like she wasn't full color. It was kind of ghostly looking.

But the disturbing part of the whole thing was the way she was looking at me. It wasn't in a very friendly way, and kind of creepy. She didn't have a look of hate on her face, but she clearly wasn't a friend. She looked like she was there for a reason, and I don't think her intentions were good. But I also didn't necessarily perceive her to have evil intentions either.

The thing is that I didn't like the way she was looking at me. So I had to do something about it. I learned a log time ago to take action in my dreams so I could keep control and prevent them from turning bad.

I knew this strange woman didn't belong there in my room, so I jumped up out of bed and yelled at her that she didn't belong there and she had to leave my house now.

With those words she turned to her left and ran! As she got to the wall she dove between the wall and my dresser. And she was gone.

As soon as she disappeared I woke up for real. I had the feeling that this dream could have turned somehow bad, but my actions prevented that. But it was a memorable dream that was too odd to make much sense, so I leave it to any of you to try to interpret it.


  1. Whoa. I wonder if it was actually some kind of spirit trying to contact you. That kind of dream would give me a heart attack!

    1. I often wonder similar things. My dreaming imagination comes up with so many strange things that I wonder what the source could be.


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