My Sister's Car Calamity

My brothers, my sister, and I were sitting in my living room when a guy dropped off some things my brother just bought. My brother is sort of a wheeler dealer. He's constantly buying, selling, and trading for various items, some large and some small. This time it was a couple of new cars.

The guy that dropped the cars off stupidly parked his car in the driveway before he pulled the others in so he needed someone to move the two new cars out so he could leave. My sister immediately volunteered, so my brother handed her the remote controls for both.

Yes, you heard that right; I said remote controls. These particular cars had remote controls and could be driven from right inside the house. That's why my sister wanted to move them.

We all sat there at the front window watching while my sister began to back up the first car. She really tried to back the car up straightly but you already knew something was going to go wrong. The car made a right turn right into and through the next-door neighbors' front yard, and right through their flower garden at the front of their house.

All of us brothers sat there shaking our heads at our little sister's bad driving. It was kind of funny, but the neighbors' yard was really torn to bits. But after a little maneuvering she finally got the car out into the street and parked where it belonged. Then came the second car.

As she backed the second car out it also made the same right turn into the neighbor's yard. This time it was a little bit closer to the front of their house. We couldn't help it this time; we began to howl with laughter. Did I tell you that the neighbors' house had some really huge front basement windows? Big enough to fit that car into.

And there it went! She drove the car right into those windows and it fell right into the neighbors' basement. Two of us were still laughing. The brother who bought the cars and my sister were silent. I wish I could tell you what happened next, but that's where the dream ended.

I'm not sure what this dream was about or what it says about my opinion of my sister. She's the youngest of all of us and we treat her as such. She actually likes that because we all protect her pretty well. I sometimes wonder what that might be like. I have no clue about it because I have no older siblings. I only usually get to laugh, but I try not to laugh too hard most of the time.


  1. I was worried it was a real car! That would have been no laughing matter!

    1. My sister gets into smaller scrapes like that in real life, but I'm glad the bigger ones like this are only in dreams.


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