Waking Up At Work

Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night

I remember waking up and listening to the noisy sounds of work around me. I could hear loud machines and the sounds of people. It wasn't unusual. I was used to it.

When I opened my eyes and looked around me I saw a high ceiling. my bed was in the back corner of the shop. Yes, I said shop.

When I looked around I saw a big room with lots of huge machines with people operating them. There was a maze of metal bars and other material stacked up all over waiting to be worked with. This is what life was like. This was my only home.

I looked down beside my bed and saw my dog lying there on the floor sleeping as close as she could get. Just where she should be. She's a good dog.

As I started to wake up a little more I began to realize that something wasn't right. I wasn't supposed to be here. I wasn't supposed to be living in a place of work. Nobody was.

I began to suspect that this was really just an unpleasant dream, even though it was so very real. So I turned to the wall and closed my eyes to try to wake myself up into the real world. Was there a real world?

When I sensed that things had changed I opened my eyes again. Disappointment! Things looked a little different, but I was still there. Maybe this was real. Maybe I was mistaken that this was all wrong.

I couldn't just accept that. I needed to leave this place. I knew there was something better. So I closed my eyes again and hoped for the best.

This time when I reopened my eyes I was back home in my real house. I was really awake, but the experience of that strange dream was lingering hard in my mind. It didn't want to leave. And the strange thing was that I could still hear the sounds of machines.

When I listened more closely I finally realized the sound was just a lawnmower of an early morning neighbor. That was a relief!

But I wasn't quite ready to get up yet, so I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes again I found myself back in that workshop. Oh no! I was stuck! I had to get out of here! I really felt anchored to this place. I was determined to leave, so I shut my eyes again and hoped for the best.

This time when I opened my eyes I was back in the real world again. I was determined not to let that dream take me back so I woke myself up all the way and got out of bed. The dream was finally over.


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