Checking For Demons

I found myself standing there in what I think of as the Dream World. I was in a house that seemed very familiar but I didn't think I had really ever been there before. I quickly began to think that something was very wrong. Something bad was happening.

I looked around to find out if I could see what was wrong. That's when I saw a closed door in one of the walls of the room. That's when I thought maybe I knew what was wrong, what was bad. Demons!

My dream self knows demons very well. I've learned how to fight them and defeat them. You never want to see a demon of this kind in your dreams. They don't look like monsters or anything like that. They look like very evil and ugly, distorted humans. They are the scariest, most dangerous things you might ever encounter.

I have to say that I used to be terrified of these things, but I learned a long time ago not to have any fear of them. They feed on fear. Once I learned that all my fear vanished and I learned that they now feared me. They still try to test me, but it never works.

The first thing I had to do was check to see if the problem I was having was because of the existence of a demon. So I knocked three times as hard and loud as I could on that door. If I was right the demon would show itself very soon after that.

Nothing. It wasn't a demon after all. But there was still something very wrong. That's when I thought about my self from the waking world. I knew that in reality I was asleep somewhere. Was something wrong there? I had to find out. That's when I violently flung myself awake!

When I woke up I finally realized that there was indeed something wrong. It was a small, simple thing. What was wrong was that I only had been asleep at a different time than I usually slept. Somehow I sensed the time difference in my sleep and I tried to figure out what was wrong. That's all.


  1. I guess your brain has a way of letting you know when things are not quite right.

    (Are you going to add a "Follow" app. to your blog?)

    1. I added the Follow app. I wasn't sure I'd be able to find it.

  2. I sleep very poorly at night...haven't for years since my forensic nurse days when I was always on call. I never remember dreaming or my dreams, if I do, which,, I suppose, I must. It will be interesting to see what you encounter during your sleeping hours.

    1. I sleep kind of poorly too. But it leads to the opposite problem for me, which is very strange and vivid dreams. I have them so much that I've learned to have a strange kind of consciousness in many of them.

  3. You write so well Ms Mouse))! I can't often remember my dreams, but sometimes just am conscious of a feeling of unease ...or joy ... When I wake up.

    1. Actually it's Mr. Mouse. Not the first time somebody didn't know which. At first I kept it a secret. I used to tease people who didn't know to see if they could guess right. I've had dreams like yours too. I hate the ones where I wake up angry and I don't know why.


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