The Five Second Vampire

One of the shortest dreams I will describe here is my most recent one where I dreamed I was a vampire. The dream probably lasted only about five seconds. I swooped down from above at my victim. That's it. The dream ended before I got to him.

The dream happened because of several things. Some of them are disturbing and some of them are very good. I think maybe I'll start with the good and end with what I was disturbed by.

When I was a kid I used to have very intense nightmares where I was being stalked and victimized by demons. These dreams lasted well into adulthood. I finally learned how to fight back against them, and I turned the tables on them. The victim became the aggressor.

I learned to be the dominant figure in my dreams. I also learned that the dream world is a world of thought. If you can learn to think consciously there, then you can command and manipulate everything there. That doesn't always happen if it's not a very intense dream, but when it does it's amazing.

That was the good part. Now comes the bad. My dream self thinks of certain people that it meets as either real or just purely creations of the dream. The real people being possibly other dreamers. I know it sounds a little far fetched, but I can't control here what I think while I'm dreaming.

When I discovered I could do what would be considered magic in my dreams I realized that I should never use it for negative purposes, especially on someone who I considered a real person. I told you I dream a lot. That level of thought in your dreams takes a lot of time to develop.

I don't like to do anything bad to a dream creation either. The person who I was swooping down upon was, I believed, a dream creation. He was a character from a TV show I was watching before I fell asleep. Anything bad is just an evil thing, really evil, and I was really enjoying what I was doing.

A form of vampirism is what I always believed those earlier demons were up to. I knew in my dreams that what they were doing was the ultimate evil. Once I gained the power I have, I told myself never to do anything like that. This dream that seems so little also seems to mean so much. Just the thought of it haunts me.


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