Children Of The Zombie Apocalypse

I dreamed I was a kid. That sounds kind of fun until I tell you I was a kid in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. It's no fun at any age to be hunted by flesh eating zombies, but it can be even worse for a child to experience this.

I guess the one good thing about the dream is that it was a long time into this zombie apocalypse. After awhile most of the zombies just slowed down and finally died. The only real problem was that the virus that caused people to turn into zombies was still doing its thing in lots of living people, turning them into zombies still.

There was a large group of people, including whole families, who had barricaded themselves in the upper floors of a tall building in the middle of a now destroyed city. I was one of the many children in that group.

One of the main problems with the kids was that some of them quite often spontaneously turned into child zombies and started eating people. You can imagine it wasn't a very pretty sight whenever that happened, and it was a really bad problem. So the adults came up with an idea to weed out future zombies from the healthy kids.

Over the long barricaded months the people rigged up many neat contraptions to help them in their struggle against the walking dead. One of these was a giant bus harness that they would wrap around an armored school bus and lift it up to them on the upper floors so they could get in and out of it for little trips that they might need to go on.

To help get rid of the zombie children they decided to take all the kids to the school that was located in the middle of the city. That accomplished two things. First, it removed the potential threat of new zombies from the general population. Second, they needed to use some of the equipment in the school to do their weeding out process.

So we all got on the bus and lowered it to the street below. We made the trip through town to the school. We really didn't see many of the zombies out and about because like I previously said, most of them had now died off. The city itself looked like it had been through a war. The buildings were in shambles, many of them had fallen. And there was garbage and destruction everywhere.

When we got to the school we went straight to the auditorium, which was really only the size of a large classroom, because what was needed was the movie equipment. After all of us children were seated, the adults loaded a movie into the projector and played the movie that would do the evil trick.

What we saw on the screen were scenes of various short zombie attacks, each one more gruesome than the last. You'd think us kids would be horrified. But we had already seen things like this in real life many times in the recent past, so most of us were kind of okay. We still didn't really want to see things like this, so it was still a very unpleasant experience. Besides it wasn't fear and loathing that the adults wanted out of us. It was the other reaction.

After several of these terrible scenes some of the children got up out of their seats. A few of them just wanted to get closer to the other kids for comfort. But others had gotten blank, but hungry, looks on their faces. This is what the adults were waiting for.

At first it was hard to tell the difference between the kids that had risen. But it soon became apparent that some were just a little frightened and most of the others had turned into flesh eaters. The rest of us children were now too afraid to move. We had no idea what to do in this situation, with the zombie children coming for us and the adults ready to shoot anyone who moved wrongly.

The last thing I remember was an obviously zombified girl coming straight for me. She bent down in an attempt to bite my arm. I reached out and was doing my best to hold her off. That's when the dream ended.

If I was writing fiction I could have ended this story in spectacular fashion, but this was a real dream that happened to me. I was really a child in the dream, and I felt all the feelings a child might feel. Maybe I could have described them better, but I am still new at writing down my dreams.

The main thing I get out of this dream is that I keep wondering why the adults weren't protecting us healthy children better than what they were. I wondered that when the dream was ending. Where were they? I feel really alone in this world right now just thinking about it, as if I can't depend on anybody.


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