They Don't Like Saltine Crackers

I dreamed I was visiting a country in Europe. I won't say the name of the country because I feel I've already maybe insulted the people of Canada in The Canadian Duck. I don't want to start looking like I think everybody else is strange. I guess this one doesn't do that though. In this dream they think I'm strange.

I was staying with some people in this country I was visiting and I decided to make them a meal. The meal of choice was chili. I don't make chili very special or anything like that. I just follow the directions on the back of the spice packet. But I thought maybe it would be a nice meal that I could make that would taste okay, and I though maybe they didn't usually have it.

That's when they began to question me. The recipe calls for kidney beans. They couldn't believe I'd use something like kidney beans in the chili. I kept telling them that this is what the recipe said to use, but they just seemed even more puzzled for some reason.

That wasn't the end of my recipe confusion. When the chili was finished I showed them that I liked to crush saltine crackers on top of the chili. It's good that way. When I showed them they laughed at me. It was the crackers. These people never heard of saltine crackers. I was sure everyone in the western world knew about them. Who knew?

I guess they used crackers without white flour or something like that. They showed me one of their everyday crackers. It was much coarser and darker than the saltines I had. I'm sure their crackers were just fine, but I was trying to show them the proper crackers for chili. And they continued to laugh at me.

After we were done eating we went out to play their strange version of football. No I don't mean soccer or rugby. This game begins with a trivia contest that is repeated at the beginning of each round. I have no memory of the actual physical game, but I'd guess it was equally strange. That's just how they are in the dream world version of Europe I guess.


  1. Dreams can be crazy! Have you been craving saltine crackers?

    1. No I haven't. I haven't thought of them at all recently until the dream. Sometimes real world things work their way into my dreams, but I'm not sure at all how the crackers got in there.


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