Look Out For Imps

My dream self is kind of obsessed with demons. I think it comes from all the years I've had encountering them in my dreams. They're really not fun at all, but I've had to deal with them in the dreams or they keep coming back. If I don't put a stop to a demon I meet then I'll keep having recurring dreams about it until I do something to stop it. So I'm constantly on the lookout for them.

My most recent dream is an aggravating kind that I've had before. It involves, kind of, a particularly annoying, and I mean annoying and not as scary as some others, kind of demon I've come to know that I call imps.

These imps are ugly little guys with pale skin and young faces. The reason for the pale skin is because they are somehow related to maggots. They have very sharp teeth and they like to suck out your soul by biting your back. They swear they're not vampires. The first thing you feel if you're lying on your side is something lying there behind you. You sometimes think it's something familiar, but then you realize it couldn't be. It's hard to turn around and confront it or fight it because you are asleep.

One of the things these imps like to do to me is snatch the covers off of me. I keep thinking I feel my blankets being pulled off of me. The actual scary and even strange part is that I have woken up at some of those times to find my blankets lying at the foot of my bed on the floor. It must have been pretty hard for me to get them there in my sleep.

Well, this particular dream I recently had is one where I thought maybe some of these imps had come into my bedroom and were watching me from the corners of the room as I slept. I kept looking up to see what was there. Of course I was asleep this whole time. Whenever I'd look at the room I'd realize that this wasn't really the same room I was actually sleeping in. The arrangement of all the furniture was different.

It was really aggravating though because I kept sensing movement in the room and I kept sensing them watching me. But every time I'd look there was nothing there. And I knew even in the dream that there really was nothing there. I haven't seen any of these imps in several years. But I'm always on the lookout for them or any other kind of demon. They can ruin your sleep and ruin your mood the next day.

After awhile I finally realized there were no imps there. It was just my imagination. I was just having a little trouble getting some actual sleep. When I finally knew there wasn't going to be any trouble I was able to get some good dreamless sleep. Always the best kind for me. I really hate the feeling of being watched when I'm sleeping.


  1. I am glad after your dream you knew there wasn't going to be any trouble that you could go back to a good night dreamless sleep.

    1. Sometimes it's just solving those little problems in the dream that makes it better for me to be able to sleep.


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