The Idiot Superhero

This next dream is one like I've never had before. I dreamed I was a superhero. A bad superhero. I mean one who is incompetent, not a bad guy or villain. I became a superhero by bumbling my way into the wrong situation, but I don't remember the details of that part.

I ended up near a situation where there was an active volcano. The government had plans to fire two missiles into the volcano to close it up. For some reason this volcano had opened up right at a turn on a freeway in the metro area, so it was important to fix it quickly. The missile strike on the volcano would be quick and easy without even interrupting traffic.

By coincidence, I was riding on a bus, heading right for the volcano, when they were about to fire the missiles. I had to ride the bus sometimes as my normal self so nobody would discover my true identity as the superhero.

My super sense told me that they were firing the missiles, so I decided to help make sure everything worked out okay. When they fired the missiles I flew over and gave each one of them a little nudge so they would hit the target exactly right.

That's when everything went wrong!

I told you I was incompetent. The missiles landed in the wrong place and didn't blow up yet like they were supposed to. They were lying there in the wrong place and hadn't exploded yet, and when they did it was going to be a disaster. They would blow up half the freeway and anybody on it. I messed up everything!

I knew I messed up, so I had to figure out how to fix it. I began lifting all the vehicles on the freeway away from the missiles and the volcano as fast as I could. I got to the bus I had been on right as the missiles finally exploded. it was the last vehicle I had to move. I got it out of there just in time, and I saved just about everybody near the freeway. Just about. 98% is about as good as I could do.

After it was all over the government found out what I did. Well, actually they found out I had moved all the vehicles, not that I was the one that messed up the missiles, and I didn't update them about it at all. They congratulated me for saving all of those people without knowing it was my fault they were in danger in the first place.

And that was the end. Another amazing rescue for the idiot superhero.


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