The Canadian Duck

Last night I had a dream about a Canadian duck. No, not a Canada Duck. This duck was a winter holiday meal eaten in Canada. I dreamed that every winter there was a holiday where each and every Canadian person, old and young, baked a softball sized duck that was wrapped in bacon and smothered in butter. The ingredients of duck, bacon, and butter are very important. Each duck must be the same.

The duck meal is so important that even if you are in a life or death situation you must save the duck before saving even yourself. In fact, in the dream there were several Canadian celebrities in a plane crash with their ducks. The news people only wanted to know if the ducks were saved. They were relieved to find out the celebrities made it out alive, but they asked about their ducks first.

I wish I could remember more details than that, but that's my latest strange dream as far as I can remember. What do you think? Am I insane? Or do you dream similar things? Let me know.


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